Thatch & Fringe

Owner: Charise Bauman


How many years have you been open?

2.5 years


What are customers likely to find or experience in your salon?

Customers will find a team of professionals who are so passionate about what they do. No matter who you book an appointment with, or who is assisting you while in the boutique, you are going to have their undivided attention and expert advice!


Why you love what you do:

Being a hairstylist is the best job. You get to connect with so many different people, enhance their natural beauty and curate new looks for anyone who wants a change!


Why you feel St. Jacobs is a great place to shop/dine and visit:

St. Jacobs is a destination that has so much to offer. There is a diverse variety of goods in all the shops and you can get good beer at every restaurant. What more do you need?

Address: 1369 King St N, St. Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0

Photography taken by Scott McQuarrie
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1-4 Hachborn Street West

St. Jacobs ON N0B 2N0