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Spoil the Dog Bakery

Owner: Rachelle Latour

How many years have you been open?

Spoil The Dog Bakery opened in St. Jacobs, June 2015. Wholesale business began September 2005, selling to our first store in Guelph, Ryan's Pet Foods, now named Global Pet Foods.


What are customers likely to find or experience in your bakery? 

We have a taste testing table for our canine visitors so owners can see which of our 5 flavours is a favourite. All our flavours are wheat-free, or grain-free and organic, high fibre and low fat. We also have seasonal cookies to celebrate Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas and Summer. Our Happy Barkday & Gotcha Day section has birthday hats, cakes, Birthday boxes, bags and bones to celebrate that special day.


Why do you love what you do?

I love that I am always able to create new products, and follow through on customer suggestions. Customers have great ideas for me; and I am lucky to interact with new puppies, dogs and cats every day!  



Why do you feel St. Jacobs is a great place to shop/dine and visit?

Historic St. Jacobs Village  is the perfect getaway away from the fast paced city life. Relax and unwind, only 5 minutes from St. Jacobs Market and 10 minutes from Conestoga Mall, visitors can experience  unique dining and shopping  with artisans on site to enrich their small town encounter.

Address: 4 Hachborn St W, St. Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0

Photography taken by Scott McQuarrie