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Owner: Lisa Hepditch (seen here) & Sharon Conaway


How many years have you been open?

We have been open for 22 years (January 1998)


What are customers likely to find or experience in your shop?

Customers love to come in and explore the old charm of the building which was once a busy St Jacobs household.   Each room has a different theme so you never know what you are going to find around the corner.  We have everything from decor for the home and cottage, kitchen/ tabletop, ladies apparel and accessories, a sweet baby section and a few rooms that even the men will appreciate.  


Why you love what you do:

I really love doing the buying for the shop.  We have such a large space (approximately 2000 sq feet)  it gives me a lot of options and different story lines I can create.  I listen to customers needs and wants and then try to bring in product that they will be excited about bringing into their homes.  


Meeting new people each and everyday and getting to know my regular customers has been amazing!  Since starting this business so many years ago I have seen my customers through many life stages.  Pregnant, then busy with little ones and now their kids are all grown up and heading to University or even getting married and having their own babies!  I so appreciate that they have continued to pop in over the years to buy gifts, decorate their homes and cottages, especially when getting a little something special for themselves!


Why you feel St. Jacobs is a great place to shop/dine and visit:

I feel St Jacobs is a great place to visit because the shopping is wonderful!  There are so many great stores in the village and all have different offerings.  I love that the store owners do their best to keep their shops unique and you do not see much duplication of product in the village.


We also have some amazing restaurants, coffee shops and trails to enjoy so it makes for a perfect day trip.  There is definitely more than enough to do to spend a full day in St. Jacobs.

Address: 1399 King St N, St. Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0

Photography taken by Scott McQuarrie